Welcome to a space where you can open your voice and find inner freedom.
Using the author's method of Juliana Andreeva, we will help you to sing easily, speak confidently, get rid of clamps and return natural harmony into your sound and life
Employees are trained in stress management, the ability to speak in public.

И познакомиться с единомышленниками, получать бесплатные упражнения, обратную связь от преподавателей и просто заряжаться драйвом
С Юлианой, автором метода Voice Biohacking, ты сможешь погрузиться на настоящую глубину и тщательно проработать все аспекты твоего звучания, как физические, так и психологические
With Juliana, the author of the Voice Biohacking method, you will be able to immerse yourself in real depth and carefully work out all aspects of your sound, both physical and psychological.

1 session: 1100$

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«For years I have been looking for the most modern technology to make the voice beautiful. But it turned out that the matter is in muscle clamps. 15 years of searching have led me to an insight: It is necessary to work not on beauty, but on freedom.

Not to add muscle movements by buying voice training after training, but to remove unnecessary muscle movements. And the combination of methods at the intersection of neurology, osteopathy and technologies for voice helped me understand this more precisely.

And here it is not data, not the form of the vocal cords, or the “talent” that we all firmly believe in, just not to look into our tensions, that is required. Consciousness and so-called "body awareness" are required here, as the two main keys to the free manifestation of oneself and voice.

The body already has all the buttons and puzzles, you need to learn how to feel them right here, in your body. And you can assemble these puzzles into freedom and realness, literally at the muscle level. The ability to assemble this puzzle, to decide, to show my unique worldview through the body and sound, I would call talent. And everyone has this ability. But not everyone takes that risk. The risk of being free. The privilege to afford it is a true luxury.».
Juliana Andreeva, voice coach:
  • 15 years of experience in  personal consultations in  vocal therapy
  • St. Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory (red diploma)
  • A student of Professor V. Kozlov, a master of achieving expanded states of consciousness through breathing, who brought holotropic breathing to Russia 40 years ago
  • Certified kinesiologist
  • Head and founder of the international online vocal school, where students from 16 countries of the world study
  • More than 100 therapeutic programs on  psychosomatics of the voice, vocal seminars and  author's master classes on  speech production
About Juliana: